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I have spent more than 55 years looking at combustion problems of gases, liquids and solids both on the fundamental and application side with 33 years as a faculty member at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) , Bangalore. During this period, I have been involved in understanding several fundamental questions in combustion science and in the technology development of some aeronautical combustion systems as well biomass based combustion devices.

You can reach out to me with almost any question in combustion chemistry or aerodynamics or a combination to enable me to respond to you directly if I have already thought of similar problems and their resolution or enable me to think of the issues involved and respond to you –at

These interactions over nearly five decades has left a rich memory in me of men and matters, their styles of functioning, the positives and negatives.

Those who wish to dialogue with me on the history of institutions and personalities can reach out to me at my mail id.