Writings Musings

  1. Report on the trip to Itajuba, Brazil by H S Mukunda (Download)
  2. Report of the visit to Australia and New Zealand by H S Mukunda (Download)
  3. Feynman, Penrose, Others and Vedānta (Download)
  4. Text of the invited talk given at the CFX conference on CFD (Download)
  5. Joint Advanced Technology Program (JATP) at the
    Indian Institute of Science (IISc) (Download)
  6. On myself and IISc’s hundred years…. (Download)
  7. Down the Memory Lane: Recollections of IISc Alumni (Download)
  8. Interview Vijaya Karnataka (Download)
  9. Visit to New York (Download)
  10. Troubling Questions and Beyond-naive answers
    English (Download)
    Kannada (Download)
  11. Great Science and Technology in India – at IISc and higher educational institutes ? ‐ further analysis and possible solution (Download)